ADAMAS GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY publishes gemologically oriented software for the jewelry appraiser, jeweler, or student in gemology or mineralogy. The laboratory also provides technical consulting and jewelry appraisal services to the trade and the public and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Adamas Gemological Laboratory

All About Adamas Gemological Laboratory

Adamas Gemological Laboratory provides both highly technical and gemological appraisal and consulting services to the trade and the public. We also provide expert witness service to the legal profession. We are best known for publishing the state of the art ADAMAS ADVANTAGE software products for use by gemological and mineralogical students, hobbyists, professional personal property appraisers and retail jewelers who wish to document items they have sold. We emphasize the technical superiority of our unique product line and services. We may not publish the prettiest software in the world, but our content and output are the BEST.

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Adamas Gemological Laboratory
77 Pond Ave C609
Brookline MA, 02445

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