ADAMAS GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY publishes gemologically oriented software for the jewelry appraiser, jeweler, or student in gemology or mineralogy. The laboratory also developed the SAS2000 Spectrophotometer Analysis System for diamond color grading, detection of synthetic and color treated diamomds. The laboratory provides technical consulting and jewelry appraisal services to the trade and the public and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Adamas Gemological Laboratory

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SAS2000 Spectrophotometer Analysis System

 US Patent 7315356 Issued

The Greedy Institute of Arrogance . Com

Is your "G" really a "J"? GIA Redefines Color Grading

Historical Gubelin Interview

The following links will take you to the last interview held with Eduard J. Gubelin, who some would say, is the father of the study of inclusions in gemstones. (Broadband connection recommended, total interview over an hour)

Gubelin Interview Part 1 of 4
Gubelin Interview Part 2 of 4
Gubelin Interview Part 3 of 4
Gubelin Interview Part 4 of 4


Ian Campbell Of South Africa's Colored Stone Grading System

General Electric Synthetic Jadeite Proof Of Synthetic Origin


GIA Patent Misrepresents SAS2000 Technology

Debeers Claims SAS2000 Technology As Their Own

In "DTC Research Comes To Diamonds' Defense" (Rapaport Diamond Report), DeBeers states "An instrument still under development, and currently being evaluated at a major grading laboratory, is one especially designed to screen for HPHT- treated type II diamonds. This uses the latest minature solid state laser technology and incorporates a small chamber filled with liquid nitrogen to cool a diamond down to -196C. A result is produced in less than 30 seconds, compared with about half an hour for standard spectroscopic equipment."  Well, this proven technology has been available for a few years now; it is the SAS2000 Spectrophotometer Analysis System and the SAS2000 Raman/Photoluminescence System !!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... more
DeBeers Claims SAS2000 Technology As Their Own (Debeers Replies)
Editorial: General Electric HPHT Detection Patent
SAS2000 Raman GEPOL Data
SAS2000 Raman (Near Colorless Diagnostic?)
SAS2000 Laboratory  Warning "Fancy Deep Brownish Yellows"
Argyle Blue-Gray Diamond Spectra
General Electric HPHT Green Transmitters
NovaDiamond HPHT Green Transmitters
Lucent Diamonds Red HPHT Synthetics
Chameleon Diamonds From China
"Tolkowsky's Diamond Design Online" (Jasper Paulsen)
More Diamond Grading Issues
"The Van Graff Diamond" Just Another CZ??

New Important Diamond Related Patents
Professional Jeweler Article On SAS2000
Professional Jeweler Article On  Synthetic Diamond Diagnostic
GemKey Synthetic Diamond Article
DeBeers' Synthetic Diamond Transmittance Data
DeBeers' Premier Mine Tour (pdf)

GIA Raytrace Brilliance Study Materially Flawed
Moissketeer 2000SD Operating Instructions

Synthetic Moissanite  Spectra And Commentary ( inc. Patent Claims)(NEW INFO Russian Material)

Have You Seen This Ring      $2500 Reward Offered
Emerald Treatment Chamber

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Daylight Lighting

  JVC Appraisal Task Force Guidelines

  16 CFR Part 23

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