ADAMAS GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY publishes gemologically oriented software for the jewelry appraiser, jeweler, or student in gemology or mineralogy. The laboratory also provides technical consulting and jewelry appraisal services to the trade and the public and expert witness services to the legal profession.

Adamas Gemological Laboratory

Adamas Gemological Laboratory Appraisal Services

Adamas Gemological Laboratory provides independent gemological and jewelry appraisal services to the public on an hourly fee basis. We are New England's only Accredited Gemologists Association Certified Gem Laboratory (AGA-CGL), appraisal trained by the The International Society of Appraisers, and Senior Member of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NGJA). Our credentials include graduate and undergraduate degrees from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We were permanent members of the Jeweler's Vigilance Committee Appraisal Standards Task Force (JVC-ATF), which has promulgated insurance documentation report standards for the jewelry industry.

Adamas Gemological Laboratory has affiliate offices in Albany, New York, enabling us to provide independent appraisal services throughout New York and the New England states.

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